Phoenix Wealth Smart Investment Fund

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Asset Class                   Fixed Income

Inception Date            Nov 2018

Fund Base Currency    USD

Initial Fund Size (mil)  100

Domicile                      Australia

Geographical Cause    Global

NAV                             USD $1.00

Portfolio Manager Joel Harlin


Investment objectives

The Phoenix Wealth Smart Investment Fund seeks to maximize total return by making use of leverage. The Fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in investment grade fixed income bonds issued by governments and corporations’ agencies worldwide. The Fund will invest the remaining 30% of its assets in precious metal trading.

The Fund aims to increase overall returns by using leverage on its bonds investment and provide maximum protection to investor funds using the 70/30 target allocation portfolio strategy. Currency exposure is flexibly managed.

Investment Strategy

Under normal circumstances, 70% of the funds will be leverage for use to invest in bonds, with the 15 most highly regarded bonds usually constituting approximately 70% of the Portfolio’s net assets. The investment returns from investing in Bonds will give a high and stable returns to investor and at the same time provide a hedge against precious metal trading volatility. Up to 30% of the Portfolio’s total assets may be invested in precious metals.

The Investment Manager expects that at any time at least 70% of its total assets will be invested in fixed income bond, and in no case will the amount invested in such securities be less than three-quarters of the Portfolio's total assets. Although the Portfolio invests primarily in bonds, the main driver for growth comes from the 30% investment in precious metals. For these purposes, active trading using the allowable fund allocation in precious metals will be prerogative to the fund manager.

Investment Capabilities

Our primary focus in investment management is to offer our clients innovative products and solutions to help them meet their investment goals.

By achieving these objectives, we continue to build on our position as one of the world's leading global investment managers. 

We manage strategies across all asset classes including:


Precious Metal Trading

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Platinum



  • U.S Treasury

  • Asia (excluding) Japan Fixed Income

  • Emerging Market Debt

  • Global Fixed Income