An Open Future, Owned By All

PWMCoin will open up the world, creating tools that enable freedom and wealth generation for everyone. We believe that closed, centrally controlled systems limit our potential as a society, and that truly transparent and powerful tool for investors. 

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 PWMCoin - An Open Future, Owned by All

PWMCoin is a non-profit subsidiary holding to Phoenix Wealth Management. PWMCoin was started by Phoenix Wealth Management Pty Ltd handling frustrated investors by the limitations of today’s financial systems. In a global economy where trust is invaluable and hard to come by, third party providers like lawyers, managers, and deal brokers have created inefficiencies while taking large percentages as profits.

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By 2019, Retail Investors is able to connect with the every investing options, FX, Funds, Bonds, Securities etc in the world, but with limitations by region/country, one has to face the hassle of opening foreign currency accounts, or even a overseas/off shores accounts to be able to partake in the one that they desire.

With more and more variety of investment options and choices, keen retail investors will always turn to financial advisors and pay a substantial fees for their service which in turn reduce their investment returns. 

Investment with foreign currency will always creates a reduction with your actual investment returns due to the currency rate when investors wants to withdraw their investment capital and dividends, which most of the time will be a significant amount.

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With the launch of PWMCoin, we aim to build the bridge for financial corporations, hedge fund company, assets management company with retail investors who has the power to invest, but without the knowledge to do so.

PWMCoin will create a blockchain voting system (PWMCoin GO) platform for PWMCoin Network holder for both the Investor and the Investee to partake in nominating. PWMCoin financial analysts team and strategic advisor will look into the ideal combination and the invested ROI and submit the summary for PWMCoin Network to cast their votes. With that, we are able to achieve a real world recognition and clearer understanding of what one is investing in. 

PWMCoin will also be able to rid of the currency exchange rate. PWMCoin is ERC-20 based token that will allow investors to choose the type and kind of investment they want from PWMCoin Go platform. 


Launch Price : US$0.50

Max Circulating Supply : 2,000,000,000






Our Vision

Power of Smart Contracts

Our vision is to utilise the power of smart contracts to eliminate the need for centralised sources of trust while creating a collaborative company structure that allows us to fund, invest, and scale the blockchain technology  technology.

Building Is Believing

For the last year, we’ve been using capital funds to create functional products that deliver on our vision, because building is believing. We’re building for collaboration, cooperation, and the promise of an open world.


PWMCoin’s Ecosystem

The Financial Ecosystem consists of four components;
Our Community, Our Technology, Our Governance model, and the PWMCoin.

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The PWMCoin (PWMC) serves as fuel for the network, powering transactional functions, voting, and value exchange across the majority of P2PB2B and financial products.

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The Community drives the ecosystem by funding initiatives, contributing to projects, and making collective decisions that drive growth.

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Our Technology
Our open-source technology allows the community to build functional tools that create financial opportunities for all in an effort to truly democratise wealth.

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PWMCoin will transition to a fully decentralised governance structure by 2019, making it one of the first self-governing co-operative tech projects and a blueprint for future DAOs.


How It Works


The future of PWMCoin is a decentralised set-up with a funding influx of investors versus corporate bonds and fund. This means that anyone from the community can introduce a new bond/fund, investment idea, marketing plan, etc. and the PWMCoin holders can vote on it. Then funding will automatically be allocated by a funding DAO.

*In the initial release, PWMCoin chooses the tasks and assigns the financial value. This will be deprecated once governance is implemented.

The Process

  1. A user has learn about a new corporate bond PWMCoin holder, (the higher the investment, the bigger the yield) and they propose it to the community.

  2. The community votes on it and assigns a monetary value to have it developed.

  3. If approved via community vote, the option is listed on PWMCoin list and open to anyone to complete. It is automatically funded from the funding DAO for PWMCoin Network.

  4. The Funding DAO is capitalised with 50% of contributions from phase 2 of the token distribution and continuously from fees assigned to the product, which is expanded on in the next section, "Self Sustaining Products

  5. Once completed, merged, and implemented into the live product, payment is made automatically via smart contracts.


In the initial release of PWMCoin, the focus is on the flexibility and the ease of engaging in a foreign fund, specifically funds under the management of Phoenix Wealth Management. Such funds can come from corporates connected to the internet which generates decent dividends with great investment portfolio. However, it is important to note that this platform is a white label solution; it can be integrated into both existing and future markets – especially for retail investors. 

Currently, the retail investor is an exciting, emerging market. It is predicted, that by 2025, there will be a billion individual generating over $10 trillion in revenue annually. This market therefore represents a fantastic use case for the white label PWMCoin investment platform. 

Another key component of the platform is the Asset Manager, the person in charge of maintaining assets which cannot (yet) operate themselves. For example, take a 3D printer. While many parts of such a device can be automated, it still requires someone to refill the device with printing materials. In the future, we believe the 3D printer will be able to communicate with a robot to be refilled automatically, but currently this is not the case - and a person is needed for the IoT asset to function correctly.