Corporate Responsibility

We believe that a responsible approach to business is a key factor determining our long-term success. We have a broad understanding of our duties as a financial services provider, member of society and employer. Our approach also reflects our commitment to protecting the environment.


Phoenix Dream Foundation (PDF)

Established in 2019, subsidiary of Phoenix A non-profit, non-political, public charitable trust foundation. PDF provides all kinds of supporting aid and care to underprivileged children or teens, of all ages and academic levels on both a residential and non-residential basis. Such aid and care includes clothing, food, medical care, education etc.

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Phoenix Wealth Management fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility thru its non-profit, non-political, public charitable subsidiary Phoenix Dream Foundation.

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Trust & Expertise
We offer our clients high-quality service and advice, support efforts to increase financial stability and strive to maintain a rigorous compliance and control culture to inspire trust in our company.

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High-Quality Service
When providing advice to our clients, we assess its suitability to help ensure that our clients have the requisite knowledge and experience to understand the associated risks and to make sure that our advice is in line with their risk profile and investment objectives. Phoenix Wealth Management has been committed to strengthening investor protection for a number of years and has invested in the related systems, processes and employee training. 

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Corporate Integrity
It is the policy of Phoenix Wealth Management to promote high standards of integrity by conducting our affairs in an honest and ethical manner. The integrity and reputation of Phoenix Wealth Management depends on the honesty, fairness and integrity brought to the job by each person associated with us. Unyielding personal integrity is the foundation of corporate integrity. This responsibility cannot be delegated or assumed by Phoenix Wealth Management or any supervisor. 

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Risk Management and Sustainability
To achieve long-term success, it is essential that we pursue a responsible approach to business. We expect our employees to act professionally, with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, due diligence requirements and industry standards. Sustainability issues are an integral part of our risk review process. It is vital that we operate responsibly and demonstrate a high degree of risk awareness in all our business activities. The appropriate consideration of environmental and human rights-related aspects is therefore an integral part of our internal risk assessment.

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Responsible Investment Products & Services
Based on each client's values and objectives, we offer sustainable investment solutions that take account of sustainability criteria to combine the goals of financial returns with social and/or environmental impact. This offering includes strategic advice, portfolio health checks, advisory and discretionary mandate solutions and individual sustainability portfolio reports. We are constantly working on broadening our sustainability offering in developing new product solutions across asset classes and in the area of customized sustainable discretionary as well as advisory mandates in particular.