Cookies Settings

What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by websites that you visit. They are used to enable websites to function efficiently, improve your user experience and provide information to the owners of a website.

There are two types of cookies used on our websites, those that are essential for the running of our website, and those that are not strictly essential but are used to provide us with information about you through analytics; such as your behaviour on our website, preferences and device. This information does not usually directly identify you but helps us improve our understanding and the needs of the users of our website.

Cookies can be categorised into session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored in temporary memory and are not retained when you close your browser and end your session on our website. Persistent cookies are more permanent cookies and are stored on your hard drive until their expiry.

Control your Cookie settings

When you visit our website we give you the option to accept all cookies or allow only essential cookies.

You can also manage cookies through your browser settings. Please refer to the help section of your browser for more information.

Essential Cookies
The following cookies are essential to the running of the website:

·       “Insight-Cookie-donotaccept”

used to keep track of your choice if you do not accept all cookies (this is a persistent cookie with a three month expiry)

·       "insight-legal-disclaimer"

tracks which channels legal disclaimers have already been accepted by you so they are not shown again (this is a persistent cookie with no expiration set)

·       "insight-country-page"

used to redirect you to the country page you last viewed content from when navigating to the main site URL (this is a persistent cookie with no expiration set)

·       "insight-current-channel-page"

keeps track of the current channel user is in so navigation can be kept consistent (this is a persistent cookie with no expiration set)

·       "insight-home-banner"

tracks which global home page image was last shown to you in order to show a new one next time (this cookie is set to expire after 3 months)

·       ASP.NET_SessionId

session cookie sent to the web browser. Used when you open the browser and then go to a website that implements ASP.NET session state. (this cookie is deleted when you close your browser)

·       "ARRAffinity" cookie

used because it is deployed in the DXC environment in Azure (this is a persistent cookie with no expiration set)

·       “_cfduid”

used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-user basis (this is a persistent cookie which expires after one year)